Career Exploration 101

There are multiple ways to learn how to build the necessary career-related skills and experiences employers seek during your experience at UIC:

  • Read below to learn how majors connect to careers.
  • Explore Careers and other career exploration resources in the Career Exploration Website resources.
  • Still have questions?  Schedule an advising appointment with a Career Advisor.

How Majors Connect To Careers

We know it can be challenging to figure out how college majors connect to careers. We offer the following guidance to help you think through your options.

Picking a major is different than choosing a career.

Employers are most interested in your skills/abilities and often do not only focus on your major.  It is critical that you supplement your college education with experiences like internships, research opportunities with professors, extracurricular activities and volunteering that will help develop your skills.

Select a major in which you are interested and one that aligns with your academic strengths.

In general, students excel in classes in which they are most interested, thus selecting a major that you enjoy makes sense.  A strong academic record will give more career options.

Learn about and explore many majors.

We recommend you explore many different majors and try not to rule one out because of what you have heard about it.

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