Got 10 Minutes? Then learn some essential career skills!


Are you interested in working on your elevator pitch or improving your communications on the job?

If so, the Career Readiness 101 online learning series equips UIC students with the tools they need to launch and sustain successful careers.  You will find mini online courses focused on various components of the internship/job search and the all-important first year on the job.  Each course is 10 minutes or less in duration and can be viewed online at your convenience!

Course Modules

Mastering the Elevator Pitch
Do you know how to deliver a winning elevator pitch?  Do you even know what one is?  Check out this module to find out how 60 seconds can impact the rest of your life!

From Intern to Full-Time Employee: Making the Most of Your Internship
So you finally landed an internship--congratulations!  Did you know many organizations extend full-time offers to interns upon graduation?  How can you increase your chances of being one of them?  Check out this module for tips about making the best impression and increasing your chances of becoming a full-time employee.

Workplace Communication: Overcoming Barriers to Thrive in Your Internship or Entry-level Job
Communication can be challenging, even in a social setting, but in the workplace it can be especially problematic.  View this video to learn how to communicate effectively, leading to good work relationships and a healthy environment.

Your First Year on the Job
So you sweated through years of study and finally got a full-time job offer--congratulations!  All of that hard work has finally paid off.  But now is not the time to take it easy!  Your first year on the job is a transition period where everyone at the organization will be watching you closely.  View this video to learn ways to make sure your first year is a successful one.

How to Access

  1. Launch the course on Blackboard at the following URL:
  2. Click on the item entitled Career Readiness 101 on the left navigation menu.
  3. Select the title of the online module you would like to view.

Note: The online learning series is accessible only for UIC students with access to Blackboard.


Please contact the UIC Career Services Office for one-on-one help with your career needs.  You can also schedule an appointment by calling 312-996-2300.