UIC Alumni are encouraged to utilize this website to find career development resources (e.g., job aids, online resources).   Please see table below for career-related services and events available to alumni.


Available Career Resources for Alumni

Services Available to Alumni? Key Links
Career Advising Appointments Yes - Up to 3 years after graduation Schedule an Appointment
Career Workshops (on campus) Yes Current Programs and Events
Career Fairs Yes - Unless noted otherwise Current Programs and Events
Access to UICcareers.com Yes

Click the "Get Access to UICcareers.com" button if you need help setting up or re-activating your UICcareers.com account.

Get Access to UICcareers.com

Learn about additional resources for coaching/advising, networking, and counseling.

*This mental health clinic is part of the Psychology Department at UIC. OAPS serves the UIC community, including faculty, staff, and students, as well as those living or working in the greater Chicago area. OAPS offers therapy for adults, children, families, and couples – helping individuals make changes that will improve their relationships and personal functioning, and enhance their ability to deal with various life stressors, including career transition.