A resume is a document highlighting an individual’s strengths related to a field/job and is an essential component of virtually any job search.  Employers generally spend less than a minute scanning a resume to decide whether to give it a more thorough read so it is important to create an organized and easy to read document.

Ensure Your Resume Is Read

Many employers use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), computer systems that manage the many resumes/cover letters they receive. An ATS will read a resume and then rank and score an individual’s qualifications versus a job description. Only applicants with high scores will be invited to participate in an interview.

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Cover Letters

Cover letters highlight an applicant’s qualifications and emphasize interest in an organization and a position.  Many jobs require an applicant to submit a cover letter along with a resume.

CVs (Curriculum Vitae)

A Curriculum Vitae, also known as a CV, is a detailed summary of an individual’s education and academic background. CVs are most commonly used for individuals seeking academic, scientific, and/or research positions.  A CV is lengthier than a resume and showcases thorough documentation of an individual’s professional history including publications and teaching and research experience.

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