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UIC Career Services
Student Services Building
Suite 3050
1200 West Harrison
Chicago, IL 60607
T: 312.996.2300
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M-F: 8:30am - 5:00pm


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Videotaped Mock Interviews

Video-taped mock interviews are practice interviews conducted by a career services staff member. They are available on a first come first served basis and are scheduled for one hour. During the first 30 minutes you will be interviewed by a staff member and during the final 30 minutes you will review and discuss your interview.


Because mock interviews fill up quickly, especially when on-campus interviews are taking place, we recommend you call for an appointment ASAP. Do not wait until you have a job interview coming up or a class assignment due. The earlier you have a mock interview, the more time you have to incorporate changes and improve your interviewing skills.


To schedule a mock interview, call Career Services at 312-996-2300. Please call early because there is limited space each week!

People being interviewed are required to bring a copy of your resume. It is also strongly recommended that people being interviewed dress professionally, in the same attire they would wear for a job interview.

You may also want to get familiar with interview questions common in your specific field. The site "Ready Prep Interview" is a great resource for interview questions.

All mock interviews will be held in the Career Services Office, 3050 Student Services Building.


Areas that are evaluated during the mock interview include the following:

  • Quality of your resume (this is why you must bring a resume)
  • Professional appearance (this is why you should dress professionally)
  • Self confidence and enthusiasm
  • Non-verbal communication
  • Presentation of skills, abilities, and accomplishments
  • Relating experiences and skills to the job requirements (this is another reason why you must bring a resume)
  • Clarity of goals and future plans
  • Questions for the interviewer
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