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Student Services Building
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As a graduate student, you have likely invested a considerable amount of time, energy and money into obtaining an advanced degree. Therefore, you may feel a particular urgency to ensure your career success. We are happy to support you in finding an opportunity that matches your investment.

The Graduate College, in collaboration with OCS and other departments, provides specific programming to support the unique needs of graduate students: http://grad.uic.edu/cms/.

If you are seeking engaging opportunities to support your personal and professional development, consider attending a selection of Events & Workshops: grad.uic.edu/cms/?pid=1000989.

To make a one-on-one appointment with a Career Advisor to explore your options, call (312) 996-2300 or email ocs@uic.edu

Quick Tips

  • Know Strengths
  • Determine Focus
  • Set/Prioritize Goals
  • Seek Guidance
  • Take Action


UIC’s sister campus in Champaign/Urbana has focused resources for graduate students.

Ever wondered WHAT ELSE you could do with your Masters/PhD BESIDES Academia?

Versatile PhD is an online resource providing information and advice for both academic and non-academic track careers, specializing in non-traditional employment for individuals with advanced degrees.  Use this site to network, participate in panel discussions, and receive mentorship from other PhDs with established and varied non-academic careers: grad.uic.edu/cms/?pid=1001025  (please note: you must access this resource through the UIC Graduate College website to register and gain full access to the site).

PhD Career Guide (www.phdcareerguide.com) endeavors to bring to light the many career options available to PhDs, and more importantly, the information necessary to decide which career path would be most rewarding given their particular set of professional interests and career goals.  It’s not always obvious how the specific skill sets developed throughout the PhD process can directly translate to career skills, so we hope you will peruse the website, learn something new, and build confidence in your ability to pursue your interests.

Masters Degree Online Directory (www.mastersdegreeonline.org/) directory features over 90,000 program listings and allows you to determine which program features are most important to you so you can identify the program that best matches your personal interests and career goals. Search results can be filtered by institution size, geographic area, tuition cost, and school type. Our primary focus is online master degree programs, but we acknowledge that on-campus programs at traditional brick-and-mortar schools are the best options for some students. Therefore, you can search for both online and on-campus programs here.

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